1. Universal Rating System - Affecting Physical Objects and Infrastructural Systems

    With the help of rating consoles and mobile device support, objects of interest can be rated, and qualified, including improvements and degradation of infrastructural systems.

    Build this feature into infrastructural systems, to offer a free and intuitive system of rating.

    In an effort to make ratings interface universal, use an open source, freely collaborative design effort.

    Such a system could be used to facilitate greater feedback about technology, and maybe facilitate ease of public ownership and universal free public access to technologies, like transit systems, systems of advertisement and space utilization.

    Build in a system of suggestions that stick to certain locations or conceptually similar spaces or objects that are the same or similar, and can be recalled on location, or are advertised as suggestions on location. This might allow for an effective system of suggestion, collaboration and democratic selection of the best ideas or suggestions to implement.

    Provide real time feedback on knowledge of infrastructure, and strategy for creation of new public infrastructure, or varying degrees of this information depending on the location or object being considered.