1. Worthlessness and Promotion of New Technology

    We may begin to analyze, deeply our conversation and develop a firmer system of trend identification.

    To pick out the key points or ideas from what we write down, after we write them down, possibly without prior conscious recognition.

    (I feel so deeply connected)

    This can help us retrieve information and navigate, but maybe it can also serve as a guideline to some sort of framework.

    For instance, I was writing down a forum entry for OWS Cultural Revolution Group,

    we all gotta compete for energy.

    We need to compete with the mainstream media in a way that is cost efficient and effective.

    We could try to see if we could collaborate pro bono on some kind of system of search engine priority optimization. Search engines are made to identify organically growing content in an effort to pick out humans from machines. The result of vigorous human labor can be achieved by creating a network of small tasks.

    Pass or complete mechanism by which the recipient can accept the task or decline, and if it is declined it gets passed to the next person available without any tasks pending, or using some kind of assignment and prioritization scheme.

    Because of the limited capacity of work involved in completing one of the small tasks, the work could be achieved using mobile technologies in a large network. This would allow for more freedom of availability given the fact the network access can be limited for parts of the network and at certain times due to expenses.

    Also, a more true “freedom of press” could be achieved by allowing individuals to quickly sign on to the network to become a reporter. Reports can be transmitted as whatever signal or system of transmission or information the reporter wants to transmit.

    Freedom of access to the press would mean that it is open to everybody and can in no way be censored.

    In order to limit invasive or bogus activity the reporter or reporters involved could be voted out of the system in some capacity.