1. Dispel the Myth of Ownership

    The American ideals that may not truly benefit large scale socio-economic systems.

    Reward is the mechanism by which we innovate.

    Feedback is the mechanism by which we allocate resources.

    Ownership of unlimited amounts of resources is dangerous and has no real benefit.

    The reason why ownership is thought to be the driving force of economy is because of the component of reward.

    It is ambiguous as to which force, ownership, or reward is working here, and what constitutes reward.

    Is ownership necessary?

    Maybe, but there is probably a threshold beyond which ownership has no more influence over the reward factor, or even mitigates the effects of reward (because it can be perceived that no more rewards are really needed for personal gain, more things to own)

    When small or singular entities within large scale society own most resources, there must be an incentive or mechanism by which those resources are invested back into large scale society (the basic generators of the resources) in an intelligent and meaningful way.